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# Git Command line instructions
## Create a new repository
git clone
`git clone`
Initialize Git:
`git init`
Get everything ready to commit:
`git add .`
Get custom file ready to commit:
`git add index.html`
Commit changes:
`git commit -m "Message"`
Add and commit in one step:
`git commit -am "Message"`
Remove files from Git:
`git rm index.html`
Update all changes:
`git add -u`
Remove file but do not track anymore:
`git rm --cached index.html`
Move or rename files:
`git mv index.html dir/index_new.html`
Undo modifications (restore files from latest commited version):
`git checkout -- index.html`
## Add file
Restore file from a custom commit (in current branch):
`git checkout 6eb715d -- index.html`
git add <filename>
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